As a newbie, it is totally expected that you will be asking a couple of questions. By surfing through the Internet, you will come across several websites that host tons of information regarding this service. For a clearer understanding, you may take a look at the pertinent FAQs on VoIP that this article tackles.

How does VoIP work?
This phone service converts the voice into some digital signals that are made to travel through the web. If you dial a regular telephone number, then the respective signal gets transmitted. With VoIP, you may directly call a computer, a regular land-line phone, or a VoIP phone. In places wherein there is the so-called wireless hot spot, you may gain the wireless access to your VoIP service too.

Will I be able to fax with my VoIP service?
Typically yes, but some Service Providers may not support this feature. A great alternative to consider is an Internet Fax service (also known as Online Fax).

Will I still be able to use my computer during a phone call?
Yes. You can continue to use your computers while you are using the phone.

Does my computer need to be ON for my VoIP phone service to work?
No, if you are using a phone adapter or a special VoIP phone. However, your high speed internet connection must be active for your VoIP service to work.

What happens if I move house, will I be able to keep my phone number and service?
Yes. Some VoIP Service Providers provide a Number for Life feature. This means that as long as you stay with your Service Provider you can keep your number, if required, even when you move house locally or to another city/state.

How difficult is it to set-up once I get VoIP service?
Set-up is very simple. Your VoIP Service Provider will provide you with a phone adapter (if using your existing phone). You simply plug this adapter into your internet connection and your phone into the adapter.

What types of equipment must I prepare?
All that you need to prepare is a reliable broadband Internet connection that will endow you with clear voice communication, a computer system, special phone, an adapter, the software, a speaker, and a microphone.

What benefit will VoIP give me?
Traditionally, VoIP will let you save much on your monthly phone bills. Instead of procuring other extension lines, you may simply sign up for a VoIP phone service and let the calls get forwarded to the respective employees¡¦ phones.