IPcall - 200

It is an amazing FREECALL-phone "IPcall-200". Come with advance updated VoIP technology, this device can help you to save much expensive IDD cost every month since you own it. Wherever you are being, now you can make any Free Toll Global calls to any land line homes or cell phones within more than 40 countries and cities as listed below and no longer to pay a monthly phone bill.

Free Country And District List

Both Cell Phone and PSTN landline Phone are available for the following countries:

North America: USA / Canada
Asia: China / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / India / [ Indonesia /Philippine / Vietnam / Pakistan / / Maldives / Sri Lanka / Bangladesh (with a special plan offerred)]

Coverage of Other countries for PSTN landline Phone over the World such as:

(A Sub-Charge for Cell phone Connection Available for all specified country individually)
Asia: Taiwan , Japan , Korea , Australia
Euro: England (U.K.), France, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan, Austria, Irish, San Marino, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway,
Middle East: Cyprus , Israel , / [ DUBAI - SAUDI ARABIA - YEMEN - BEIRUT - IRAN - IRAQ - KUWAIT - KAJISTAN - EGYPT (with a special plan offerred)]
South America: Colombia, Mexico, Argentina (Buenos Aires), Brazil, Venezuela, Peurto- Rico,
Africa: [ South Africa (with a special plan offered)]
More countries will be added into the list monthly. Please bookmark the link for update the information from our website

Main Features:

***** Anyone who can surfing in the internet with any kind of broadband at home or office, he also is able to make all free toll calls to 40 countries in the World any time, anywhere.

***** Plug & Call! No any installation required! (Standard DHCP router user) No computer required. Just simply plug-in Power and Cat-5 Cable to your existing internet connection and wait for less than 10 seconds since the first time usage. The intelligent CPU in the phone and smart server on the web will do everything for you to complete the system logon and subscription.....Once you see a real time clock and the Banner displayed, you can make a call now.

***** Compatible for whatever a broadband protocols you are using. It is easy to setup in case you access to the internet which other than a DHCP Router. Just take a minute for entering your internet account plus password following a prompt showing on an enlarged Ultra-sharp LCD.

***** System Support: This IPcall-200 can support DHCP dynamic IP (Router Users); Static IP (Fixed IP connection Users) ; PPPoE dial-up (ADSL / Cable Modem Users). If you are using a system which not the same as above, try to send a mail to us to explain more details in order to get our immediately technical support.

***** A Great Benefit for Modem users: It does equipped a LAN port on the real of phone which working as a router for you PC. It is the best feature for you that there is no extra expense for a router after adding this VoIP phone join into your internet outgoing connection. That means you can enjoy a free toll calls and surf through the internet at a same time now.

***** Simply Dial with a Simple Way like you are calling every day: A dial rule is quite simple for everyone's custom. Just always add "900" before Country code + Area code + PSTN land line No. for Home phones; Also, add "900" before Country code + Cell (Mobile) phone No. for most of cell phones listed in the coverage countries of the world.

***** Get a call from other IPcall-200 or any Devices of same series: You can able to receive calls with caller ID display function from any other IPcall-200 in the World without any country borders even they may out of our coverage list. There is an unique S/N No printed on back of each device which is defined as your phone number. Dial this no of your friends in the world for free...

***** Call Conference: This is a good function that make your friends in a group at same time. Talk to each others with the Conference mode in the Earth Village.

***** Guarantee: We are the manufacturer who made this IPcall device with more than 20 years in Telecommunication field. We promise that all of the IPcall series will be provided life time guarantee subject to any defective unit without a human made destroy. Call us for the support when you need.

***** Many other Features like: Hands free speaker phone; Incoming / Outgoing / Miss Calls; Call forwarding ; SMS (enable this feature later)