These Terms and Conditions of Service constitute the agreement ("Agreement") between COMPU-TECHNIC DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY LTD. ( "we", "us"), and the user ("Customer" "you", or "user") of calling services and any related products or services ("Service").

The following terms must be agreed to before obtaining an account.

1 - By activating or using the Free-Call Phone service, Customer represents he/she is of legal age to enter into this agreement (usually 18) where you live and that you have used your own funds to do so

2 -As FreeCall-Phone uses Ani Recognition to recognize the authorized user's caller ID and to bill their account, will not be held liable for any failure of the Any Recognition due to equipment failure.

3 -Customer agrees to maintain his/her telephone/cell phone service to deliver Net Mobile phone service. FreeCall-Phone will not be liable for any malfunction in customer's phone service.

4 -FreeCall-Phone service is currently available to make calls from only outside the United States. Customer hereby agrees not to use this service as a third party business or as a reseller, and only to place calls for its own account.

5 -FreeCall-Phone does not support 911 service or any other emergency service and Customer hereby understands FreeCall-Phone cannot be relied to obtain emergency help. Local landline service must be used for emergency service.

6 -FreeCall-Phone is not the same as landline telecommunications service. The service is subject to different regulatory treatments compared to pure telecommunications service. This treatment may limit or otherwise affect your rights before regulatory agencies.

7 -FreeCall-Phone service is a pre-paid yearly phone service exclusively. Customer hereby agrees that FreeCall-Phone service that he/she will maintain a credit balance in his/her account. Customer is expected to replenish his/her credit balance by using a credit/debit/western union/ card/PayPal/Wire Transfer Customers may opt to have its account set to "automatic replenish", at no change, to avoid repeated manual recharge. Customers accounts may be replenished online on

8 -There is no cancellation after signing up and we do not refund your money for any reason.

9 -Rates may not include all taxes, surcharges or any other fees.

10 -In the event of a dropped call or a billing dispute of any nature, Customer hereby agrees to notify FreeCall-Phone and FreeCall-Phone will refund the charge at FreeCall-Phone's sole discretion. All claims for credit must be made within 7 days of the call in question.

11 -There is no extra payphone access charge for non-toll free calls.

11a -FreeCall-Phone is based on Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), and as such, certain anomalies may occur beyond the control of FreeCall-Phone. The quality of VOIP is not guaranteed by FreeCall-Phone.

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